February 2023: Solo Exhibition in Berlin

Exhibition curated by Dr. Lily Fürstenow highlighting my recent discoveries.

August 2022: Site Specific Performance in Norway

In August I will travel to Slidre, Norway to participate in Flyktig/Fugitive, a site specific performance art residency serving the rural community.  I will stage a major archaeological discovery there.

June 2022: Solo Exhibition in Belgium

Pleased to announce that I will have a solo exhibition at Galerie Van Caelenberg in Aalst, Belgium opening June 16.

May 2022: Joining Milan Gallery

Pleased to announce The Company Studios in Milan is now representing me in Italy.  I will travel there this summer and be part of their grand opening exhibition.

August 2021: Ural Biennial in Siberia

I have been invited to participate in the 2021 Ural Biennial and will develop projects for Tyumen and Tobolsk in Siberia.

July 2021: Art Prospect in St. Petersburg, Russia

Recieved permission to travel to Russia to participate in the Art Prospect Festival.  I will discover, reanimate, and clone a mummified baby two-headed mammoth.

June 2021: Featured in New York Times

Honored to be featured in the article covering the ReGrowth Riverside public art exhibition in the New York Times by Hilarie Sheets.

June 2020: Featured in Glamour Magazine Russia

Glamour Magazine Russia covers my upcoming project for Art Prospect in St. Petersburg, Russia.

September 2019: Review of NYC exhibit

'Making Art Fun Again!  Review of my show at Ivy Brown Gallery in Art 511 Magazine, she calls my statement “The Princess Bride’ of artist statements”

August 2018: Solo Exhibition in NYC

Next Fall I will return to NYC for my second solo at Ivy Brown Gallery, more information soon.